Photograph or photo-painting?

Hello Friends,
I wanted to share some thoughts with you. You might have wondered why I change my photographs in to paintings. I had to give this some thought since I have never tried to explain it before. 


What is a picture of a Flower? There are botanical drawings which record every detail of a flower, right down to the roots, or bulbs. These are beautiful. There are macro shots which only record just a tiny detail of the bloom. There are bouquets that harken to the Dutch masters and are rich and voluptuous. Sometime I photograph what I call Floral Portraits. To a great extent these are a representation of the flower at dawn, sunset, or even in the bright sun. I love the “sun kissed” contrast. 

So why do I turn some of them into paintings? Well, I did oils and watercolors and pastels for some years. I taught art at a private school to high schoolers for three years. I love the tactile feel and smell of the paint. But I have learned to love another medium, that of painting on the computer. I’ll show you an example… 

What could be lovelier than three dinner plate dahlias in a bed of lace? I love the photograph. Do you? But when I turn it into a painting, it becomes more. It becomes a mood, a feeling. In this case, it’s more dreamy and, well, I think it gives you more to experience, more to dream about. Please look at the detail. The strokes really don’t show up well on Instagram, or Facebook unless you are on a computer.

Three Lovelies, the photograph

Three Lovelies, the photo-painting. Below is the detail...

So, sometimes the photograph stays as it is, and, sometimes it becomes a painting.

Here is another example of photo-painting:

Here are three peonies that I shot early one morning during blue hour. You may have seen them before on Instagram or on my website. I loved the photographs, but I love the paintings so much more. What do you think? I would love your input. Please use the comment section or send me an email. Thanks so much!

P.S. Please feel free to share this with fellow flower and art lovers. I'd appreciate it!