Hello Friends,

Who of us wouldn't like a more laid back, peaceful, country kind of life? I know I would. Things have gotten so busy since we have gotten back to "normal". 

I would like to introduce my new gallery, the Country Life Gallery. It features scenes and settings from older, more peaceful times along with floral still life art that is reminiscent of the same.

I have made you a short slide show of this gallery that will give you a taste of this gentle, more peaceful time. I hope you will sit back for just over three minutes and take a breather and enjoy it. Just click on the picture.

As with all my art, I hope to share beauty and peacefulness with you. Here are a few of my favorites:

This winter scene is from down in SanPete County, in the middle of Utah. The mountain is called the Horseshoe. I think you can see why. I lived there and raised my kids for 15 years. It really was a slower way of life. We had wood and coal burning stoves that the kids would love to cuddle up in front of after being out in the snow.

I call it, "Under the Horseshoe, Old Tractor"

Here is another:

This scene comes from Michigan. We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. There they have preserved the farms and local sights that have become part of the park. I call this one, "Breakfast is On!"

I'll share just one more:

This hundred year old house was just down the street from my parent’s house. The peach tree and the old fashioned look of the porch just drew me. I call this one: “Peach Blossoms at the Back Door”   

I hope this has been a refreshing few moments. The art is available right now in the Country Life Gallery.

Thank you for taking time to share my thoughts. 

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