I'm Back... I think

I’m Back! , I think...

Was 2020 hard? So all of us thought, well, 2020 is over. Things have to get better now, Right? Yes, in some ways, but for me? Yikes. 

I blew out a disk trying to keep my Mom from falling, twice. So that meant back surgery in January. The good part was that my amazing Sister and Brother-in-law came to the rescue to take care of Mom and Dad for 6 weeks. While they were here, my Dad lost the use of his right arm and leg overnight. So now he was in a wheel chair. I already needed a hip replacement, but, you know, with the pandemic and all I had put it off too long. I was able to get the help of three wonderful people in the health care field to care for Mom and Dad except for 5:00 - 10:00 in the evening and my wonderful family stepped up and filled those hours for several long months. All the while my Dad was declining. The back surgery was May 24, and my Dad passed away June 22. Now, the hip is better, the back is better, the house is quiet now, and I am back to designing my photo-paintings, except for one thing, 

AND, here is where I’m asking you to help me out. 

My paintings are almost always about a story. The ‘props’ are not really props. I don’t want to use just props. They are treasures with a story. I’ll give you an example: 


This antique doll (the one in the chair) was given me by my Mom when I was 11.
She was given to my Mom when she was 11 by my Grandma. The little cabinet
was built by my late husband. This Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Epergne Vase
was an incredible find on a trip my husband and I took to Maine.

The trouble is, I have used my treasures, and told my stories, and this is where you come in...

Do you have treasures that you would like to immortalize, so to speak? Would you trust me to tell your story in a painting? 

How about: You tell me your story and trust me to create a floral world around your keepsakes. We would decide on a mood and color scheme.
I would pay for the shipping of your carefully wrapped package, and after I create the image, email it to you for approval. The first print would be yours to keep for free, and I would then create 10 more limited edition, signed prints for sale. 

What do you think? I would really like to know if this would work. Will you give me your feedback by replying to this email? If I have triggered some ideas, please send these too, with pictures of your treasures. 

Let’s work together to create something beautiful and memorable.

Please check out my web site for other treasures and ideas


Thank you for listening, and if you find this interesting, I would be so pleased to have you share this email with others. 

Jeri Abel